The Global Autism Collaboration (GAC) consists of over 100 non-profit organizations located throughout the world with approximately half of them located in the United States.  As stated in our mission statement below, GAC’s was created to network with organizations worldwide to share information and to collaborate on various projects in order to improve the standard of care for children and adults on the autism spectrum.  GAC’s ‘Structure & Policy’ statement is listed below.

Autism is truly a worldwide concern, and there is much information as well as misinformation regarding underlying causes and interventions of autism.  The Global Autism Collaboration will aim to provide accurate information about various autism issues to the autism community and to the general public.

Structure & Policy

1. Mission

The mission of the Global Autism Collaboration (GAC) is to network with organizations worldwide to share information and to collaborate on various projects in order to improve the standard of care for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

2.  Core Values

The core values of the GAC include:

  • Autism is an epidemic
  • Autism is a treatable condition affecting the whole body
  • Early intervention is ideal
  • All individuals on the autism spectrum should be given opportunies for inclusion in all aspects of society
  • Many cases of regressive autism are preventable
  • More research is needed on the epigenetic and environmental causes of autism
  • Research is needed for efficacious treatments for autism
  • Communication, networking, and collaboration are needed among autism organizations worldwide

3. Goals

  • Increase awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorder by providing accurate information, needed support, and quality education and training for parents and professionals.
  • Publish and promote guidelines on appropriate treatment
  • Establish networked clinics worldwide, and offer trainings to professionals
  • Work together to impact global government policies
  • Translate key documents and articles
  • Sponsor annual international webinar conferences
  • Collaborate on research projects
  • Develop media campaigns for awareness & fundraising
  • Establish long-term financial stability

4. Membership

Members of the GAC will:

  • Subscribe to the GAC’s core values (#2)
  • Be a nonprofit organization or group, such as a
    • government approved nonprofit corporation
    • not-for-profit group, including both off-line and online support and social networking groups, for example, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo, and others.
    • a for-profit organization that must be classified as such solely due to lobbying activities
  • Permission to become a member of GAC shall be at the sole discretion of the GAC Advisory Committee
  • Have at least 10 members in the group, and this number needs to be verfiable
  • Appoint a representative and an alternate representative to participate in at least 80% of scheduled conference calls
  • Place a banner, designed and approved by GAC, on the homepage of their Internet website

Membership in the GAC:

  • Organizations and groups must submit an application to join the GAC
    • Applications are forwarded to the advisory committee and may take up to 12 weeks to be reviewed.
  • Once approved, membership must be renewed every 2 years
  • Membership removal is decided by two-thirds vote of the GAC Advisory Committee, and the decision will be at their sole discretion.

5.  Terms of Officers and Advisory Committee Members

  • Officers
    • The president, vice president, and secretary will serve for one-year terms.
    • At the end of the officers’ terms, the advisory committee will elect or re-elect officers
  • Advisory Committee consists of nine members
    • Initially, three members will serve one year, three members will serve two years, and three members will serve three years.
    • Starting in January, 2014, three members will be elected or re-elected to the advisory committee for a three-year term.